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Consistency. You hear it all the time. And rightfully so. Especially when it comes to your health. Consistency with regards to healthy habits is the ONLY magic ingredient when it comes to getting results. But this news isn’t new and it’s not what this blog is about. What this is going to be about is […]

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How to “live strong”.

Every one of us hitting the gym regularly wants to get stronger in some capacity. We may not classify ourselves as “strength athletes” but we do want to feel a little bit more “indestructible” due to our work in the gym. Here’s the thing; gym work will generally only take 1-2 hours a day a […]

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Increasing your 1 rep max

INCREASING YOUR 1 REP MAXHow do I increase my deadlift/squat/bench/shoulder press/pretty much any lift? This is a super loaded question and the answer will differ from individual to individual. For newbie lifters it will most likely need to be technique tweaks but for more experienced lifters specific accessory work may be the answer. One tip […]

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