Training during stressful periods

The whole world is going into lockdown and we’re not really sure what things are going to look like on the other side. This is a stressful time for everyone but there are things we can do to mitigate that stress. Exercise is a great tool for stress relief but when used incorrectly can actually cause more stress. Below are two things to think about in relation to your training over the next period.

Don’t worry about the big goals for now.

Training with a big goal in mind takes focus and commitment. During strange times like we’re experiencing, a big focus on training is going to be difficult. There are probably many other things which your mind will be on. Adding in a “I have to train as hard as I can all the time” attitude is just going to cause more stress than it’s worth at the moment. And you’re probably going to have access to less equipment than usual. Wasting time worrying about things like this is pointless.

Use exercise as a tool during this period.

When used correctly, exercise does have massive stress relieving benefits and I do recommend staying as active as possible during this time. However, everyone is experiencing this period slightly differently. Parents with young kids will probably feel like they have less free time during lockdown. For them, I’d recommend getting into a set routine. That might mean having to wake up earlier in order to get your training in but you need to set time to do it. For people without kids, you might find that you have more time at the moment. For you I’d suggest doing shorter sessions more often. Maybe this means you’ll do 4 x 15 minute sessions throughout the day.

This is such an uncertain time but staying active and keeping to an exercise regimen will only benefit you.

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