Explaining Calories

In the health and fitness industry, the word ‘calorie’ is the big buzz at the moment. And rightfully so. Alongside your lifestyle, calorie consumption is the most important factor when it comes to weight management. But what is a calorie? Simply, a calorie is just a unit of energy measurement. Exactly the same as centimetres measures distance and seconds measure time.

This is really helpful for weight management. We use calories to measure the energy content of the foods (and drinks) we consume but we can also use calories to measure the energy that our bodies burn through daily activities. The balance of these two caloric values will determine whether someone gains weight, loses weight or maintains a certain bodyweight.

If someone consumes more calories than they burn on a daily basis, they will put on weight.

If someone consumes fewer calories than they burn, they will lose weight.

If someone consumes a similar amount of calories to what they burn, they will maintain a steady bodyweight.

At its foundation, calories and weight management really is this simple. Quite often, this stuff can get completely over-complicated when it doesn’t need to be. Over the next few weeks I’ll be going into this more with regards to how many calories you should be having, what’s the best way to measure it and how best to implement it into your lifestyle.

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