NeW yEaR, nEw Me

“I’m going to be healthier in 2020.”

How many of you have said this?

Hopefully all of you. But do you have a gameplan of how to actually do this? (Going to the gym to walk on the treadmill and eating a couple salads a week doesn’t count.)

Below are a few habits you can get into this year which, when done consistently, are going to give you a great return and put you in a better place come this time in 2021.


The longer I’m involved with health and fitness, the more I understand that this is the foundation of EVERYTHING we do inside and outside the gym. That’s not to say that you need to live off of lettuce and water (calm down, vegans), but everyone can make better decisions and tighten up their diet.

Prioritise protein at each meal. Build your diet around decent and varied protein sources. If you’re in a rush, snack on something like biltong instead of a Bar-One.

Eat more veggies. Gone are the days of vegetables being super bland. A quick google or Pinterest (for the millennials) search and you can find a plethora of tasty, easy to prepare vegetable options.

Drink more water. Have a glass of water with every meal. And then have some more. Being under hydrated leaves you feeling fatigued and nobody wants to deal with you when you’re grumpy.


Getting stronger has a direct relationship with how much you can do. Think about it. The weaker you are, the less you’re able to do. And the shit thing about how easy modern technology is making life, is that it’s made people ok with being weak.

Whether it’s lifting weights or doing some push ups and sit ups in front of the TV while you’re watching Days Of Our Lives. Do it and do it consistently.

Getting stronger is also going to help prevent injuries, strengthen your immune system and increase bone density. All of which are good things.


Find something that’s going to get your heart rate up for 20-30 minutes and do it a few times a week. It can be as simple as a walk with your dog. Your heart will thanks you.

All of these are important but what is the most important is consistency. Start a list and keep track of how often you’re doing these things and hold yourself accountable. Stick with this and I can guarantee you’ll be attacking your health goals in 2021 a lot differently to now.

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