Your mind is a liar.

Your mind is a liar.

You’ve all heard this before. It’s not new but everyone forgets what they’re capable of at times.

A few weeks ago I decided that my conditioning was shit and needed work.  I picked a format to repeat over 3 weeks with the idea being of being I’d go a little bit further each week.

Week 1 was just about setting a baseline. Challenging pace but manageable. 

Week 2 I set a target pace in order to better my distance. I managed it but I was spent by the end and it was tough. I worked out the pace I needed to go at in week 3 in order to beat it and it looked out of reach.

I started week 3 and it felt tough as shit but I decided to just go balls to the wall and see what come out the other side. Smashed it.

Challenging tasks ahead of you will naturally put you in a state of panic and make you doubt yourself. This is opportunity to grow. Commit to the challenge and give it everything you have. You either win or you learn.

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