Will Olympic Lifting help my sport?

Olympic Weightlifting. The snatch and the clean & jerk. The event you see at the Olympics where people put weights above their heads that they shouldn’t but they do anyway. Those peeps look pretty damn strong. And the movements they’re doing look extremely athletic. Will those help you with your sport?

The Snatch Credit: Hookgrip

Before we get into whether or not it can help you we first need to understand what it develops. Olympic Lifting is going to develop your POWER. Or your ability to apply force quickly.

Being strong is the ability to apply a large amount of maximal force. Being fast is the ability to move really fast. Power is the element that links these two things together: the ability to apply force in a really short space of time.

For most sports, all three of these elements (strength, power, speed) are are important and need to be worked on. All three are linked and becoming more proficient in one area will help the other two. However, in general match play, power is the one which will be expressed most often. So it does make sense to include some power training for your chosen sport.

When done correctly, Olympic Lifting can be one of your most useful tools in developing power. Once you’re proficient at the lifts you’ll be able to move relatively heavy loads and you need to develop a certain amount of speed in order to do the movements well. Both of these are important pieces in developing power. (Heavy loads moving quickly.)

The biggest problem with Olympic Lifting is the long learning curve. These movements are complex and it can take a long time to learn how to do them properly. This is why it’s very important to get a decent coach. Not only will they teach you how to do these movements properly but can also teach you variations of the movements which will be quicker to learn and may be more applicable to your sport.

If you’re interested in Olympic Weightlifting or just want to chat about whether it can help with your sport, drop me a message.

Stay strong.


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