Dieting for lazy people

When it comes to diet; I am extremely lazy. Not in the sense that I’m careless with it but rather that I keep it as simple as possible.

I am NOT a dietician or a nutritionist and as such I do not do meal plans. If my clients are desperate for a meal plan I’d rather send them to a food professional. My forte is movement, not food.

However, diet plays a vital role in your progress in the gym and as such, over the years I’ve tried to learn and understand as much as I can to maximise the benefits from my time in the gym. I’ve developed habits and a style with my diet that’s allowed me flexibility with what I eat, it’s allowed me to pretty much have complete control of my weight it’s allowed me to keep progressing with my training and the most important aspect for me is that it’s extremely simple.


About 75% of my diet every single day is exactly the same. This goes for training days, non-training days, weekends and public holidays. It’s largely always the same. There may be a day here and a day there where an ingredient has run out but this happens very rarely. (More on this later)

Eating this way offers me so much control of my weight because, for the most part, I know exactly what I’m getting in every day. If I want to pick up weight slightly or I think I need a bit more sustenance for my training I just increase my portion sizes slightly. And the reverse is also true; if I feel like I’m picking up weight I’ll just decrease my portion sizes slightly. With this in mind I’ll usually weigh myself maybe once every 4 weeks just to make sure, but very rarely will there be any major changes.

Eating this way doesn’t mean that you can just eat whatever you want. All of my meals are based around a protein source and I make sure that I’m getting in enough food to support my lifestyle but the ease of managing variables is pretty much unparalleled with this style of eating.

Another positive of eating this way is how simple grocery shopping becomes. You can bulk-buy non-perishables and you’ll quickly figure out how often you need to top up perishables.

This style of eating is definitely not suited to everyone. I wouldn’t suggest this for anyone who is looking to lose a lot of weight or gain a lot of weight, but if you’re looking for simplicity and you don’t want to have to make a decision about what you’ll have every meal then this may work for you.

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  1. great blog jason – putting simplicity back into eating. 🙂

    1. Thanks Aunty!

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