Control the controllables

I try to get 8 hours sleep every night. I suggest to my clients to try and do the same.

Last night the alarm went off twice (both false alarms) and this completely affected how much sleep I got and the quality of that sleep. As such I woke up not feeling as rested as I should have.

Things like this happen everyday and they happen to everyone. We have good intentions and plan accordingly but then curve balls come along and change those plans. Negative reactions (like moaning or worrying) to life curve balls are not helpful in the slightest.

Control the things you can control and let the rest slide.

Feel like you’re always running late for things? Plan your day and manage your time better. You can control that.

Get caught in unusual traffic? You can’t control that. Let it slide.

Want to lose some weight? Educate yourself and make better choices with your nutrition. You can control that.

Unable to make it to the gym today because meetings dragged on longer than they should have? You can’t control that. Let it slide.

Every situation during your day has the possibility of going wrong and every situation that goes wrong has the potential to ruin your day. Don’t let it.

Either try and control everything (unlikely, hero) or let the uncontrollable slide.

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