Trusting the process

Trust the process.

This is a phrase many coaches, myself included, tend to throw around quite often. Why? Well because we’ve planned out the so-called “process” and we know minor speed bumps along the way are all part of this process of progression and that not everyday is going to feel like a walk in the park. But how often do we actually use this advice on ourselves? Last week my training in the gym was feeling awful and I immediately began to doubt myself and whether or not I’d planned my sessions correctly. I started double checking things I’d done in the previous week to see where I’d gone wrong. After coming up with nort I realised that I was just experiencing this “process” and as much as I didn’t feel great at the time, I didn’t need to see it as a negative experience. Sure as nuts, this week feels back on track.

While this example is from the gym, it isn’t the only place where it applies. How often do we doubt and second guess ourselves when things get tough? Ups and downs are two sides of the same coin and both vital pieces in the process of progression. The downs and the struggles in life, and in the gym, are where adaptation and learning takes place. Progress will not occur without these.

Plan, trust your process and execute!



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