Goal setting- from a different angle

GOAL SETTING- from a different angle.

Last week I posted a poll on my social media enquiring about goals in the gym and what people are training for. I posted the question merely out of curiosity but reading through the responses was very interesting. 

Goal setting can be a tricky one because unless you have something very specific and personal that you want to work hard towards, it’s very hard to pick something that you’re willing to suffer in the gym for.

One strategy I’ve found that works well is to understand the root of your goals. For example: 
A lot of people will say they’d like to tone/firm up/pick up muscle. In reality nobody wants to do these things just for the sake of doing them. What’s more likely is that they think that by doing those things they’d feel more comfortable in their bodies and more confident in themselves if they dropped a bit of body fat or picked up a bit of muscle.

Understanding the root of your goals will immediately make them seem a lot more applicable to your everyday life and can make the end goal a lot more clearer.

By using this strategy you may also find that goal you’re training towards isn’t actually something you care much about.

Do the exercise of getting to the root of your goals and see if what you’re doing is actually helping you get where you want to be.



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